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Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet is a delightful, nutritious snack for babies and toddlers. Made with organic millet and natural ingredients, these crunchy bites are perfect for little hands. Free from added sugars and artificial flavors, they offer a healthy, tasty treat that supports your child’s development. Ideal for snacking on the go or as a complement to meals.


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Millet* (100%).

*from organic farming

Nutrition Table

Nutrition factsExpression per 100 g
Energy value1752 kJ / 416 kcal
Fat11 g
of which saturates1.1 g
Carbohydrate69 g
of which sugars2.5 g
Protein8.8 g
Salt0.05 g
MineralsValues per 100 g
Sodium0.00 ยตg

Perfect for my baby to grip, nutritious, and no mess. It's everything I could want. My baby enjoys gnawing on them, especially helpful for soothing those itchy teething gums.

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet: A Healthy Treat for Babies and Toddlers

Introduction to Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet is a delightful, nutritious snack designed specifically for babies and toddlers. Made from high-quality organic millet, this snack offers a perfect combination of taste and nutrition, making it an ideal choice for parents looking for healthy snack options for their little ones.

Why Choose Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet?

Organic Ingredients

Holle’s commitment to organic farming ensures that every bite of the Crunchy Snack Millet is free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, providing a pure and safe snacking option for your child.

Nutritional Benefits

Millet is a rich source of essential nutrients such as iron, magnesium, and B vitamins, which are crucial for the healthy development of babies and toddlers. Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet is designed to support your child’s nutritional needs in a tasty way.

Easy to Digest

The light and airy texture of Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet makes it easy for little ones to chew and digest, making it an excellent snack for babies starting from 8 months old and above.

How to Enjoy Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet

On-the-Go Snack

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet is perfect for busy families on the move. Its convenient packaging makes it easy to carry in a diaper bag or stroller, providing a quick and easy snack option anytime, anywhere.

Versatile Uses

Beyond snacking, Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet can be used as a topping on baby yogurts, purees, or even mixed with milk to create a nutritious breakfast option. Its versatility makes it a pantry staple for parents.

Sustainability and Holle’s Commitment

Holle’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly packaging and support for biodynamic farming practices. By choosing Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet, you’re not only making a healthy choice for your child but also contributing to a healthier planet.


Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet is more than just a snack; it’s a nutritious, organic, and sustainable option for parents who want the best for their babies and toddlers. Its delicious taste, combined with its health benefits and versatility, makes it an essential snack for growing children.

Rating & Review

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  1. Angela .
    Love it
    Very tasty crunchy and most importantly organic ingredients ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  2. Olivia Parker
    Recommend it
    We loved the snacks from Holle brand next to the milk formula
  3. Brian Young
    Holle has amazing products
    Recommend it
  4. Cheryl
    Crunchy Snack
    Good Product ๐Ÿ˜Š