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Holle Organic Rice Porridge

Holle Organic Rice Porridge

Discover Holle’s Organic Rice Porridge, crafted for baby’s delicate palate. Made from premium organic rice, this smooth-textured porridge is gentle on the tummy and rich in essential nutrients, offering a perfect introduction to solid foods.

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Wholemeal rice flour* 100%, thiamine (vitamin B1)3

*from organic farming 3 according to the law



  1. Heat 100 ml whole milk and 100 ml water to approx. 50 °C.
  2. Add 6 tablespoons (25 g) cereal flakes.
  3. Mix everything well, let the porridge swell briefly, and ensure it's at the right temperature for consumption (37 °C).
  4. Alternatively, you can prepare the cereal porridge with 130 ml of breast milk, 200 ml of whole milk or water, or a Holle infant milk made from cow's or goat's milk (150 - 170 ml).
  5. Throw away any leftovers. Store in a cool dry place, use within 3 weeks after opening.

Important Notes:

  • Strictly adhere to the preparation instructions. Ensuring correct dosing will make certain your baby gets the required nutrients.
  • Do not modify the recommended proportions without explicit medical advice.
  • Improper preparation and storage can harm health.
  • Maintain a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, and provide thorough dental care from the appearance of your baby's first tooth.
  • Avoid heating baby food in the microwave due to the risk of overheating.

Nutrition Table

Nutrition factsExpression per 100 ml
Energy value1628 kJ / 389 kcal
Fat3.4 g
of which saturates1 g
Carbohydrate80.4 g
of which sugars0.8 g
Fibre3.1 g
Protein7.8 g
Salt0.01 g
VitaminsValues per 100 ml
Vitamin B1 - Thiamin1.13 mg
MineralsValues per 100 ml
Sodium0.1 µg

My little one loves the Holle Organic Rice Porridge, and it's so simple to prepare.

Holle Organic Rice Porridge: Gentle Nutrition for a Solid Start

When it’s time to transition your baby to solid foods, the choices matter. With Holle’s Organic Rice Porridge, you’re not only introducing a delightful taste but also a foundation of healthful nutrition. Rice, renowned for its gentle nature and easy digestibility, makes an ideal first food for infants.

Rice is a universal grain, cherished globally for its versatile nature. In Holle’s Organic Rice Porridge, this versatile grain transforms into a creamy, delicious meal for babies. The porridge is light, ensuring it’s gentle on the stomach, making it an excellent choice for babies with sensitive tummies.

Holle’s dedication to purity is evident in every grain of rice used. Their commitment to organic farming means that each rice grain is cultivated without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers, ensuring what your baby consumes is pure, natural, and safe.

Versatility is another charm of this porridge. It can be paired with baby milk, water, or blended with fruits and veggies, offering varied flavors and textures. This ensures your baby not only gets nutrition but also experiences different tastes, fostering a love for diverse foods.

In conclusion, introducing Holle’s Organic Rice Porridge to your baby’s diet is not just a step towards solid foods but a leap towards holistic nutrition. With its blend of taste, health, and versatility, it’s an ideal choice for every parent.

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  1. Zara
    High quality ingredients
    I recommend it
  2. Tim
    Fantastic product
    Easy to make, great organic ingredients from Holle. Approved!
  3. Alex Wine
    We recommend it
    Easy to make with a great Ingredients, our baby loves it.