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HiPP Stage 2 Combiotic Organic Follow-On Milk Formula

HiPP Stage 2 Combiotic Organic Follow-On Milk Formula

The most nutritious and pure formula for babies aged six months and above is the all-new HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 – Follow-On Formula with Metafolin that promotes overall health and well-being. The new formula has improved packaging and mineral content to enhance the infant’s well-being.

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Skim Milk*, Vegetable Oils* (Palm Oil**, Rapeseed Oil*, Sunflower Oil*), Whey Product*, Lactose*, Starch*, Galactooligosaccharides* From Lactose*, Fish Oil¹, Calcium Carbonate, Emulsifier Lecithins*, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Orthophosphates, Calcium Chloride, L-Tyrosine, L-Tryptophan, Magnesium Carbonate, Vitamin C, L-Cystine, Ferrous Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Natural Lactic Acid Culture (Lactobacillus Fermentum Hereditum®²), Vitamin E, Niacin, Zinc Oxide, Copper Sulfate, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Potassium Iodate, Metafolin (Calcium L-Methylfolate), Sodium Selenate, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Manganese Sulfate, Biotin

* From organic production
** Organic palm oil from sustainable cultivation certified by independent inspection bodies
¹ Contains DHA (required by law for infant formula)
² Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716

Allergens: milk, whey, lactose, fish oil

Feeding Guide

Feeding Guide

6+ m. 150ml
(5 oz)
5 170ml
(5.7 oz)
2-3 3 per month
(6 oz)
6 200ml
(6.8 oz)
3.5 per month
(7.1 oz)
7 235ml
(8 oz)
4 per month



  1. Start by boiling fresh drinking water, then let it cool down to a range of 40°-50° C / 104-122° F.
  2. Proceed to pour the recommended amount of water into a feeding bottle (refer to table).
  3. Using the provided measuring spoon, scoop and level off the formula powder. Introduce the recommended amount of formula into the bottle.
  4. Secure the bottle with its cap, then shake it thoroughly until well mixed.
  5. Cool the prepared formula to a safe drinking temperature of about 37° C / 98.6° F. You may use a thermometer like the HiPP thermometer to confirm the temperature.

*Note: To preserve the natural lactic acid cultures (lactobacilli), avoid preparing the food with excessively hot water.

The quantity of Hipp bio formula needed per bottle can vary. The suggested drinking quantities and number of bottles per day are meant to be guidelines only. Your baby does not necessarily have to finish the entire bottle. Please only use the provided measuring spoon! One flattened spoonful is suggested per 30 ml / 1.01 oz water.

Nutrition Table

Nutrition factsExpression per 100 ml
Energy value
of which saturates
of which sugars

My baby is flourishing now, no more instances of spitting, and no more signs of a colicky baby.

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2: The Best Organic Infant Formula for a Healthy Start in Life

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 – Follow-On Formula has been revamped to be more nutritious and fulfilling. The package is recognized with the word BIO appearing on top of Combiotic. It has been regulated per Baby Formula Directive 2020 to include essential nutrients and higher ingredient content. The Demeter-certified baby formula adheres to EU health and safety standards. One pack of HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 – Follow-On Formula contains 600g of powdered formula, which makes 155 fl oz of prepared milk. Give it as bottled milk or mix it with porridge or cereal as a supplement. The Stage 2 formula can also be given as a breast milk alternative as it contains similar nutrients, texture, and taste. Consult your pediatrician prior to switching to baby formulas. Also, the formula has an extended shelf life of 6 months, so you can use it easily without worrying about it expiring.

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2: The Best Organic Infant Formula with Many Benefits for Baby’s Health and Well-Being

he HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 – Follow-On Formula is given as a follow-up to the Stage 1 formula. It contains nutrients in higher amounts to suit the needs of older children. The most significant nutrient of the Stage 2 formula is Metafolin, a form of vitamin B9 present in breast milk and produced during pregnancy. Metafolin is important because it is the most effective compound in reducing folate deficiency and preventing anemia. Earlier, many formulas contained folate, but it wasn’t effectively metabolized in the body. After extensive research, it was found that Metafolin is the best nutrient in eliminating folate deficiency as it is rapidly metabolized in blood.

Other essential ingredients in the Stage 2 formula are natural ingredients found in breast milk. These include biotin, lactose, calcium, and vitamin D. Biotin breaks down fats and converts them into energy in babies. Lactose is a natural carbohydrate in breast milk that sweetens milk and makes the HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 – Follow-On Formula readily acceptable to babies. Calcium and vitamin D strengthens bones and teeth. The Combiotic Stage 2 formula lacks allergens and benefits babies with sensitive tummies. The formula’s prebiotics (L-Carnitine) and probiotics aid in rapid digestion and relieve bowel movements. The essential fatty acids DHA and AA promote eye, brain, and neural development. The HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 – Follow-On Formula also contains numerous vitamins such as Vitamin A, which improves eyesight, vitamin C, which boosts immunity, vitamin B6 which promotes cardiovascular development, vitamin B12 which prevents anemia; and vitamin E, which enhances overall health. Give your baby HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 – Follow-On Formula today to witness its health improving significantly.

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2: The Top Organic Infant Formula with Essential Features

The HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 – Follow-On Formula offers various health benefits that physically help small children.

  • Prebiotics (L-Carnitine) and probiotics improve digestion.
  • Metafolin (vitamin B9) aids neural development.
  • Combiotic Stage 2 formula helps with colic, digestion, and bloating.
  • Suitable for sensitive babies due to lack of allergens and side effects.
  • Vitamin D and calcium enhance bones and teeth. 
  • The essential fatty acids DHA and AA promote eye, brain, and nervous system development.
  • Various nutrients support healthy growth and development in infants.
  • Contains lactose as a primary carbohydrate which sweetens milk.
  • Boosts immunity with vitamins C and E. 
  • Keeps your infant’s immune system fit.
  • Biotin breaks down fats into energy.
  • Vitamin A improves eyesight.

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2: The Best Organic Infant Formula That Complies with EU Regulations

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 – Follow-On Formula completely complies with the European Union health and safety measures. It considers babies’ health a priority. Hence, it assures complete sustainability in its manufacturing, packaging, and operations. All ingredients are Demeter-certified, and the milk is per European standards.

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2: Comparison Of US Formula And European Formula

Parents prioritize their baby’s health since they understand the value of the good formula. They want to give the best nutrition to their baby, so you must understand which formula is the best. There is an ongoing debate between parents worldwide on which formula is better, US or European. To better answer this question, let’s analyze the differences between the two formulas. The first difference involves the iron and DHA content. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends higher iron levels (1mg) in baby formulas. High iron looks beneficial on the surface as it prevents folate deficiency but may cause health hazards later. The European baby formulas contain minimal iron (0.2mg) and more DHA content. High DHA is not dangerous and offers multiple health benefits to infants, such as neural, eye, and brain development. The second difference is in the sugar types. The EU forbids certain sugars like corn syrup in baby formulas as it potentially harms babies. The union requires lactose to be a primary source of carbohydrates in the formula and must account for up to 30% of the total carbohydrates. Lactose is naturally found in breast milk and sweetened milk. The US formulas do not have any such regulations from the FDA. Most of the US formulas contain added sugars which cause obesity in children. The second

After analyzing these differences, it can be concluded that European baby formulas are better and more nutritious. So, the HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 – Follow-On Formula is the best.

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2: Animal Welfare and Sustainability

HiPP was founded in the 20th century and had since been producing the best and the most nutritious baby formulas worldwide. The company takes immense care of its animals and rears them safely. The baby formulas are manufactured per EU standards, ensuring maximum sustainability.

Rating & Review

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  1. Marily
    The best for your children
    I highly Recommend Hipp Combiotic Stage 2 because it contains
    Natural lactic acid cultures – originally obtained from breast milk (breast milk contains a variety of natural cultures that can vary from person to person)
    Ideally adapted to the glass-fed diet: important iron, vitamins C and D for the immune system
    Omega-3 fatty acids: ALA are important for the development of brain and nerve cells and DHA contributes to the development of vision in infants
    Contains mild organic starch and is therefore nice and creamy and satisfying for your age
    The follow-on milk HiPP 2 BIO Combiotik contains, based on nature’s example, the unique combination of valuable fiber, natural lactic acid cultures that were originally obtained from breast milk and omega-3 fatty acids (ALA, DHA). This means it is tailored to the specific nutritional needs of your baby after the 6th month.
    HiPP 2 BIO Combiotik contains mild organic starch and is therefore beautifully creamy.