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Holle Organic Millet Porridge

Holle Organic Millet Porridge

Introduce your little one to the mild, nutty flavor of Holle’s Organic Millet Porridge. Crafted from high-quality organic millet, this porridge promises a nutritious and easily digestible meal, perfect for breakfast or a savory snack.

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Wholemeal oat flour** 100%, thiamine (vitamin B1) (vitaminated by law)

**Demeter (from biodynamic agriculture)



  1. Heat 100 ml whole milk and 100 ml water to approx. 50 °C.
  2. Add 6 tablespoons (25 g) cereal flakes.
  3. Mix everything well, let the porridge swell briefly and ensure it is at the right temperature for consumption (37 °C).
  4. As an option, the cereal porridge can be made using 130 ml of breast milk, 200 ml of whole milk or water, or 150-170 ml of Holle infant milk made from cow's or goat's milk.
  5. Dispose of any unused porridge. Store the unprepared cereal in a cool dry place and use within 3 weeks of opening.

Important Notes:

  • Adhere strictly to the preparation instructions. Correct dosing ensures your baby gets the necessary nutrients.
  • Never alter the recommended proportions unless advised by a medical professional.
  • Improper preparation and storage can be harmful to health.
  • Ensure a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, and prioritize dental care from the emergence of your baby's first tooth.
  • Avoid heating baby food in the microwave due to the risk of overheating.

Nutrition Table

Nutrition factsExpression per 100 ml
Energy value1641 kJ / 392 kcal
Fat4.1 g
of which saturates0.7 g
Carbohydrate76 g
of which sugars0.5 g
Fibre3.1 g
Protein11 g
Salt0.01 g
VitaminsValues per 100 ml
Vitamin B1 - Thiamin1.10 mg
MineralsValues per 100 ml
Sodium0.0 µg

My son started on Holle Organic Millet Porridge at six months, and a year later, he's still a fan!

Holle Organic Millet Porridge: A Nutritional Powerhouse for Tiny Tummies

As parents venture into the fascinating journey of introducing solids to their babies, the choices can sometimes be overwhelming. Yet, among the myriad options, Holle’s Organic Millet Porridge stands out. Derived from the ancient grain millet, known for its myriad health benefits, this porridge ensures every spoonful is brimming with goodness.

Millet is often referred to as a “nutritional powerhouse.” It is packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, making it a fantastic choice for a baby’s burgeoning diet. Its high protein content aids muscle growth, while the presence of dietary fiber ensures smooth digestion.

Holle, with its unwavering dedication to organic farming, ensures every grain of millet used in this porridge is free from any chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The result? A pure, untainted meal that resonates with nature’s essence.

Preparing this porridge is a breeze. Whether it’s the first meal of the day or a soothing snack before naptime, a bowl of Holle’s Organic Millet Porridge is always just minutes away. Mix with baby milk, water, or even fruits for a varied experience.

In a nutshell, Holle’s Organic Millet Porridge isn’t just another baby food. It’s a carefully crafted blend of nutrition and taste, ensuring babies embark on a flavorful, healthful dietary journey.

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