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Holle Organic Crispy Sticks Spelt

Holle Organic Crispy Sticks Spelt

Holle Organic Crispy Sticks Spelt are a crunchy, satisfying snack made from high-quality organic spelt. Perfect for toddlers and older children, these sticks offer a wholesome, flavorful snacking experience without any added sugars or artificial ingredients. Easy to hold and fun to eat, they encourage self-feeding and are an ideal choice for on-the-go snacking or as a complement to meals.


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Spelt flour**¹, sunflower oil*, wholemeal barley flour**, yeast*, thiamine (2)

*from organic farming
**from biodynamic farming (Demeter quality)
¹type of primal wheat
(2)added according to the law

Nutrition Table

Nutrition factsExpression per 100 g
Energy value1704 kJ / 404 kcal
Fat9.9 g
of which saturates0.9 g
Carbohydrate65 g
of which sugars1.3 g
Protein11 g
Salt0.01 g
VitaminsValues per 100 g
Vitamin B1 - Thiamin0.77 mg
MineralsValues per 100 g
Sodium0.005 µg

My child took to them right away. At last, delicious breadsticks with no added salt. They're ideal for both children and adults.

Holle Organic Crispy Sticks Spelt: The Wholesome Snack for Growing Kids

When it comes to snacking, parents often find themselves in search of options that are both nutritious and appealing to their little ones. Holle Organic Crispy Sticks Spelt are the perfect solution, offering a delightful crunch that kids love, with the nutritional benefits that parents appreciate.

Made from high-quality organic spelt, these crispy sticks are designed with young snackers in mind. Spelt, an ancient grain, is known for its nutty flavor and high nutritional content, including vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. This makes Holle Organic Crispy Sticks not just tasty, but also a healthy snack option that supports a child’s growth and development.

What sets these crispy sticks apart is their purity and simplicity. Holle adheres to strict organic farming practices, ensuring that every ingredient is free from artificial additives, pesticides, and GMOs. This commitment to quality means parents can trust Holle to provide a snack that is as natural as it is delicious.

The shape and texture of Holle Organic Crispy Sticks Spelt are specially designed to encourage self-feeding, helping toddlers develop their fine motor skills and independence. Their size and crunchiness make them an enjoyable snack for children, fostering a positive relationship with healthy foods from a young age.

Moreover, these sticks are incredibly versatile. They can be enjoyed on their own, paired with a favorite dip, or used as a part of a balanced meal. Whether at home, at the playground, or on a family trip, Holle Organic Crispy Sticks Spelt are the perfect on-the-go snack, providing energy and satisfaction anytime, anywhere.

In conclusion, Holle Organic Crispy Sticks Spelt represent the best of both worlds for parents and kids alike: a snack that combines the wholesome goodness of organic spelt with the fun and convenience needed for modern family life. With Holle, you can feel good about snack time, knowing you’re providing the very best for your growing child.

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