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HiPP Goat Stage PRE Organic Infant Milk Formula

HiPP Goat Stage PRE Organic Infant Milk Formula

Trying to find the best hypoallergenic formula for your baby who has allergies? Consider the nutrient-dense and medically-recommended HiPP German Kindermilch Combiotic 2+ Years – Toddler Formula. The HiPP 2+ Years formula, made with EU-certified nutrients, is perfect for allergic babies twelve months and older.

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Goat Skimmed Milk *, Lactose *, Vegetable Oils * (Palm Oil**, Rapeseed Oil * Sunflower Oil *), Goat Skim Milk Powder*, Fish Oil¹, Choline, Calcium Carbonate, Mortierella Alpina Oil, L-tyrosine, sodium citrate, Vitamin C, L-tryptophan, L-Cystine, Zinc Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin K, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin D, Biotin, Vitamin B12

* from biological production
¹ contains DHA (as required by the legislation for all infant formulas)
**Organic Palm Oil from Sustainable cultivation, certified by independent inspection bodies

Allergens: Milk, Lactose,Fish Oil



  1. Heat fresh drinking water until it boils and then allow it to cool to roughly 40°-50° C* / 104-122° F*.
  2. Dispense the recommended quantity of water into the bottle (refer to the table).
  3. Take the formula powder with the measuring spoon, level it off and add the required amount to the bottle.
  4. Secure the bottle and shake well to mix.
  5. Let it cool to a safe drinking temperature of around 37° C / 98.6° F. Use a thermometer, such as HiPP's, to confirm the temperature.

*To preserve the natural lactic acid cultures (lactobacilli), avoid using excessively hot water to prepare the formula.

The Hipp bio formula volume per bottle may differ from one bottle to another. The suggested drink quantities and number of bottles per day are guidelines. It's not mandatory for your baby to finish the entire bottle. Use the provided measuring spoon only! For every 30 ml / 1.01 oz of water, add one level spoonful.

Nutrition Table

Galactooligosaccharides (GOS): 0.4 g
Nutrition factsExpression per 100 ml
Energy value293 kJ / 70 kcal
Fat3.5 g
of which saturates1.2 g
of which mono-unsaturates1.6 g
of which polyunsaturates0.7 g
Carbohydrate7.7 g
of which sugars5.5 g
of which starch2 g
Fibre0.4 g
Protein1.7 g
Salt0.05 g
Linoleic acid0.65 mg
α - Linoleic acid0.07 mg
VitaminsValues per 100 ml
Vitamin A70 µg
Vitamin D1.2 µg
Vitamin E0.7 mg
Vitamin K5 µg
Vitamin C10 mg
Vitamin B1 - Thiamin0.06 mg
Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin0.11 mg
Niacin0.6 mg
Vitamin B60.04 mg
Folic acid10 µg
Vitamin B120.15 µg
Biotin1.5 µg
Pantothenic acid0.5 mg
MineralsValues per 100 ml
Potassium80 mg
Chloride45 mg
Calcium70 mg
Phosphorus39 mg
Magnesium6 mg
Iron1 mg
Zinc0.5 mg
Copper0.045 mg
Manganese0.011 mg
Fluoride0.0055 mg
Selenium1.5 µg
Iodine15 µg
Sodium0.02 µg

We began incorporating this formula into our baby's diet as we were keen on switching to a premium goat milk product.

HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE: The Best Organic Infant Formula for a Healthy Start in Life

HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE – Organic Infant Formula is a smooth formula rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It is easy to digest, making it suitable for babies six months old or older. The sweet, milky flavor makes it ideal for your baby’s first year of life. The formula is made with special goat milk containing A2 protein that helps sensitive babies digest it instantly. HiPP’s formula for newborns is EU-certified, which complies with the regulatory requirements. One pack of the HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE – Organic Infant Formula contains 400g formula that makes 155 fl oz prepared milk. It has been improved to include more essential nutrients. Hence, providing your little one with complete nutrition. Your baby will surely love the formula due to its sweet taste. If you are considering switching to infant formula, consult your pediatrician for a recommendation.

HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE: The Best Organic Infant Formula with Many Benefits for a Baby’s Health and Well-Being

HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE – Organic Infant Formula is the best formula worldwide regarding health benefits. The formula is packed with essential minerals and nutrients that make the formula ultra-delicious and wholesome. It is high in protein (32%), carbohydrates (37%), and fat (17%). The unique ingredient in this baby formula is goat’s milk, which helps support strong bones & teeth development during pregnancy and early childhood. Goat milk has historically been more effective at absorption and digestion. Hence, babies allergic to cow milk must get goat milk-based nutrition for healthy growth. The Stage PRE formula is also high in Vitamin C, which helps support immune function, and Vitamin E which boosts immunity. The formula is easy to digest and has a sweet, milky taste. It contains no GMOs or chemicals and is free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The most nutritional component in the formula is Metafolin, a natural breast milk compound responsible for increasing folate levels in infants. It is a natural form of folate and is better than synthetic folic acid in preventing iron deficiency. The HiPP Stage PRE formula also comprises vitamins B6 and B12 that promote cardiovascular development and relieve anemia. The formula is designed as a hypoallergenic formula as it is completely free of soy, gluten, and guar gum. If you want to give your newborn the best and the most nutritious formula, consider the HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE – Organic Infant Formula.

HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE: The Top Organic Infant Formula with Essential Features

Buying a good quality product is important for your baby. The first thing to do is read the label, which will tell you how long the product has been stored and how long it should be used before refilling or replacing it. Consider the following features of the HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE – Organic Infant Formula.

  • Metafolin increases folate levels in infants.
  • Goat milk formula suits babies with lactose intolerance and cow milk allergies
  • GMOs, soy, peanuts, and gluten-formula nourish babies.
  • 100% natural organic EU-certified goat milk fortifies the baby’s health.
  • Vitamin D and calcium strengthen bones and teeth. 
  • DHA and ARA promote visual, cognitive, and neural system development.
  • It contains 30% lactose as a primary carbohydrate which sweetens milk.
  • Vitamin E keeps your infant’s immune system fit.
  • Biotin breaks down fats into energy, and vitamin K aids normal blood clotting.
  • Vitamin A improves eyesight, and vitamin C enhances the skin barrier.
  • Zinc relieves pediatric diarrhea and promotes wound healing.
  • Niacin encourages cell growth and develops protective barriers to the immune system.

HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE: The Best Organic Infant Formula That Complies with EU Regulations

HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE is the formula to ensure your baby gets all the nutrients it needs. The ingredients are of high quality and can help prevent common problems like constipation or diarrhea. It also has a sweet, milky flavor that babies love! All this is possible due to EU compliance. HiPP employs EU-certified organic farming and manufacturing. The entire operations are sustainable and fall under European health and safety measures.

HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE: Comparison Of US Formula And European Formula

The differences between European and US baby formulas are many. From composition to texture, both formula types differ greatly. Here’s what you need to know:

European baby formula is based on cow’s milk derived from cows given a natural diet free of inorganic substances, while US baby formula is based on cow milk sourced from cows eating soy and corn diet. While this may seem like a minor difference at first glance, the quality of both types of milk is vastly different—and it has an impact on how your child will grow up if you choose one over the other.

US baby formula is often criticized for being overly sugary and salt-heavy. The sugar content is high because of the addition of corn syrup, which has an artificial sweetener added to it. This can lead to obesity and diabetes in children as well as kidney damage if they continue to drink the formula long enough. The European baby formulas lack artificial sugars. Instead, they are made with lactose, a natural sweetener.

HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE: Animal Welfare and Sustainability

HiPP German Goat Milk Stage PRE – Organic Infant Formula ensures positive animal welfare by getting milk safely and harmlessly from goats bred on natural EU-certified farms. The goats are kept in good and natural environments, due to which they produce the best quality milk. Also, the operations are entirely sustainable to prevent plastic pollution.

Rating & Review

Based on 2 Reviews
  1. Eli
    Recommend it
    We have had a number of pre-feedings behind us and were already desperate (beba, beba seprim, bebivita, Hipp combiotik, aptamil pre=foamed very start, that’s almost bodily harm) and my daughter also couldn’t tolerate HA food (flatulence, constipation).
    we really suffered and we were at the end of our strength.
    I heard about this food by chance and was skeptical at first because we had already tried a few, so I had my concerns.
    But I’m glad that I dared to try it again after 2 days with a completely changed child.
    She previously fought with the bottle and always screamed and never drank more than 50-70ml and now 150ml
    And she sleeps through the night, which she hasn’t done once in 4 months.
    I am soooo grateful for this pre-food and would heartily recommend it to anyone who has a child who also has digestive problems.
    Thank you Vitalbabyfood Team for your Help
  2. Valentina
    Worth it
    We’ve switched from bio combiotics to the Hipp Goat Bio formula because of abdominal pain, the changeover has made a clear difference with us. No more pain – screaming.
    It’s more expensive and has only 400g instade of 600g but worth it.