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HiPP Children’s Plate Egg Noodles with Organic Beef

HiPP Children’s Plate Egg Noodles with Organic Beef

HiPP Egg Noodles with Vegetables & Organic Beef is a deliciously balanced meal, ideal for children aged 1 year and up. Made with tender organic beef, wholesome egg noodles, and a mix of vibrant vegetables, this dish is both nutritious and appealing. Free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, it provides a healthy, convenient meal option for busy families seeking quality and taste.


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Water, tomatoes* 21 %, egg noodles* cooked 17 % (water, HARD WHEAT semolina*, WHOLE EGG* 0.4 %, EGG POWDER*), carrots* 14 %, beef* 8.5 %, paprika* 4 %, onions*, ground pasta*(HARD WHEAT), rice flour*, sunflower oil*, iodized salt (table salt, potassium iodate), spices*, antioxidant(1)(ascorbic acid, extracts containing strong tocopherols).

*From organic production.
(1)Antioxidants are used to protect the sensitive nutrients and flavors.

Nutrition Table

Nutrition factsExpression per 100 g
Energy value292 kJ / 70 kcal
Fat2.4 g
of which saturates0.6 g
Carbohydrate8.3 g
of which sugars1.5 g
Protein3.1 g
Salt0.28 g
MineralsValues per 100 g
Sodium0.11 µg

When there's no time to cook, the children's plates are super convenient and my little one loves the taste!

HiPP Egg Noodles with Vegetables & Organic Beef: A Wholesome Choice for Growing Toddlers

Feeding toddlers a balanced and nutritious diet is crucial for their growth and development. HIPP’s Egg Noodles with Vegetables & Organic Beef offers a perfect solution for parents seeking a wholesome meal that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality. This meal combines high-quality organic ingredients in a way that’s both appealing and beneficial for young children.

The dish features tender egg noodles, a favorite among children for their soft texture and mild taste. Paired with juicy organic beef, rich in protein and essential nutrients, and a colorful array of vegetables, this meal is designed to offer a balanced diet. The vegetables not only add flavor and texture but also provide vitamins and minerals necessary for a child’s development.

HIPP understands the importance of organic farming practices, ensuring that all ingredients used in their meals are free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. This commitment to quality means parents can trust that they’re giving their children a meal that is safe, nutritious, and environmentally friendly.

Convenience is another key aspect of HIPP’s Egg Noodles with Vegetables & Organic Beef. For busy parents, preparing a nutritious meal from scratch can often be a challenge. This ready-to-serve meal offers a quick and hassle-free option, perfect for busy weeknights or when you’re on the go. Just heat it up, and it’s ready to serve, saving time without sacrificing the nutritional benefits of a home-cooked meal.

In summary, HIPP’s Egg Noodles with Vegetables & Organic Beef is more than just a toddler meal; it’s a nutritious, delicious, and convenient choice for feeding young children. It reflects HIPP’s dedication to providing meals that support the healthy growth and development of children, making mealtime easier and more enjoyable for both parents and kids.


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  1. Collins .
    High quality
    Easy to prepare and my little one liked it a lot. I recommend it 👍